Mr Chandra Bhanu 1986 410-TA deceased on 12.4.2014

A Prayer for Chandra Bhanu. God created Bhanu, then broke the mould; There won't be anyone like him, he was pure gold! Bhanu was loved, hailed and an asset to Doon; God, u took him suddenly, and way too soon! He achieved almost everything at school but would never ever boast; Be it the classroom, STA, SUPW or games, he was better than most! Humble from his essence and always the kindest soul; Would treat equally- kings and the beggar with his bowl! Always helpful, be it a colleague, Dosco or a friend; Honest, upright and pure- not a rule he would ever bend! God, it is times like these that we question your big plan; You could have taken so many, why THIS amazing Man! The only reason we can think of - you wanted him beside you; And you felt he would be special and one of your chosen few! We who remain behind always find it tough to understand; Why you call the good early and leave the rest on this land! He was so precious to his family and all those who knew him; Let's pray, celebrate his great life and together sing a hymn! We will never forget you Bhanu, and those lovely piercing eyes; They would immediately recognize the genuine and catch out the lies! You took on every responsibility till the last day of your life; Work was so sacred to you and this was your ongoing strife! God bless your family and always keep them safe and secure; You will be watching over them, every time they step out the door! We all pray that your soul finds solace and eternal peace forever; We promise to keep your memory alive, that would now be our endeavour!
By Nauhar Rana Batch:1986 School No:375-JA