Dear Jaipur House Old Boy,

Jaipur House Jaipur House The subcommittee set up by the DSOBS, after much deliberation and seeking opinions from a large cross-section of Old Boys of Jaipur House, has come to the conclusion that the OBs of Jaipur House overwhelmingly prefer the "Traditional Eagle" artwork, that has been The Eagle of Jaipur House for decades, to the "New Artwork" that was suggested as a substitute last year.

The Old Boys of Jaipur House were also of the opinion that they would like to continue the proud Jaipur House tradition of The Dual Emblem ie. 1) The Swooping Eagle and 2) The Eagle on Crossed Swords.

This is what the committee intends to recommend to The Board of Governors of the Doon School. If The are Jaipur House OBs that disagree with this recommendation would you please write in to the secretary of the DSOBS at:

Warm regards

The Jaipur House Emblem Sub-committee