How To Use The Site

The Website Search Function:

At the moment the website can search two words at a time.

Non-Logged in/Casual visitor Search:

Only the current Rose Bowl issue and few other pages.


Once a Dosco has logged in he has complete access to all pages of the site.

The Contact Tab:

Non-Logged in access:

Casual visitors may contact the Secretary of the Society.

Logged in access:

Once a Member of the DSOBS has ???Logged in??? a fresh set of contact options opens to members to enable them to contact the President/VP/Secretary/EC/Class and Regional Reps via email.

The Login Tab:

Two Login options:

1) Office Bearer Option:

Restricted to the office bearers of the Society, such as members of the Executive Committee and the heads of the various su-committees of the DSOBS.

While it gives access to the entire site and has Mass Mailing options it does not allow access to the ???modify my record??? option under the ???Dosco Records??? Tab. All modifications to your record have to be made from your ???Member Login??? account.

2) Member Option:

Gives access to the entire site.

Allows the member to access and update their record.

Allows complete Search options.

Forgotten password option:

Enter your login id and click on the option ???Forgot Password??? and a new password will be sent to the email id you have registered with the Website.

Register option:

If you are not registered with The Dosco Record, and are a member of the Society, fill in the form and send it to us. It may take a few days for us to verify your details and once we have done so we will send you your login and passwordIf you are not registered with The Dosco Record, and are a member of the Society, fill in the form and send it to us. It may take a few days for us to verify your details and once we have done so we will send you your login and password.

The Rose Bowl Tab:

Current Rose Bowl:

Casual visitor and general ???non-logged in??? access allowed.

Rose Bowl Archive:

Access only for Logged in visitors.

Search function enabled for logged in visitors.

Letter to the editor:

Communicate directly with the Editor of The Rose Bowl.

The Doon School Weekly:

Connects you directly to the current Doon School weekly on the School's site.

The Dosco Record Tab:

Find a Dosco:

Logged in access only.

Allows a member to search the Dosco Record using any single search parameter, or any combination of search parameters, in the menu.

Ie: a search wherein you enter a single Parameter, say J, under the ???House??? search option and then press the ???Search??? button you will get every one that has been in J House since the school began. However, you will not get the boys that were there during the years the house split in J ???a??? and J ???b???.

This search is further refined as you enter more and more parameters.

Modify my record:

Logged in access only.

Manage your personal information and decide how much information you make accessible to view.

Mandatory visible fields: Name, school no, house, year of joining, year of leaving, batch and city of residence.


Logged in access only.

Archival information on the earlier Dosco Record by Mr JAK Martyn and Mr Darshan Singh.

The Media Tab:

All uploads for Photographs: Multiple photographs can be uploaded onto the site at one time and you have the option to make your own folder in which you upload your pictures. This feature allows for comments against your photographs.
All uploads for Music files/Videos/ etc. have to be uploaded one at a time. Here you cannot upload more than a single file at a time.
Memorabilia Tab:

Non-Logged in access allowed.

This tab links all visitors to the official DSOBS Memorabilia sale site.

Campaign Tab:

The DSOBS social initiative platform that gives community development initiatives by OBs and those linked to the DSOBS exposure to the fraternity.

This is a platform with links to the subcommittee for the formation of the DSOBS Club, the Martyn School and our own DSOBS Uttaranchal Disaster Relief Initiative.

Donations Tab:


Logged in access only.

A list of the Bursaries currently available to wards of the Alumni.

Criteria to form and mandate your own bursary.


Casual Visitor Access allowed.

How to donate to the DSOBS.

The Rose Bowl:

Logged in access only.

Those wishing to receive/continue receiving the print edition of The Rose Bowl are urged to check the status of their subscription here.

Special Campaigns:

How to contribute to a campaign.


To make and mandate a bequest.

The Careers Tab:

Logged in access only.

Displays Jobs/Internships/apprenticeships/summer jobs that are offered to members of the Fraternity.

The Memorandum Tab:

Logged in access only.

This is where the current memorandum of the society is posted for Members to consult.


This Archive consists of the the entire set of the earlier Memorandums from which the Current Memorandum and Rules of the Society have evolved.

Locate a Chapter Tab:

A Google map with contact information and the location for all the Chapter Representatives, their names, addresses and contact numbers.

DSOBS Events:

Official DSOBS Calendar events for the month.

Upload Your Event:

Logged in access to utilise the upload option.

Platform for the Alumni to share with the fraternity any event they are holding, from a batch get-together to an exhibition, a book launch to a regional event.

Login, click on the tab and fill in and upload the form and we do the rest.

Letters to the Website Tab:

Contact the website subcommittee.