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1. Why PDF documents are not opening in Firefox on a Mac PC?

2. I can't access some of the features on the site. What do I do?

3. I clicked a tab on the site and it did not take me to the desired page. Why?

4. There's a factual error with what's been reported on the site. How can I remedy this?

5. I would like to use some of the images featured on the site? How do I do this?

6. I have seen a number of pages and websites concerning The Doon School Old Boys' Society on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Which are the official pages?

7. I would like to contribute a story or images to the site. Should I send it to the editor of The Rosebowl or to the web administrator?

8. I have stopped receiving The Rosebowl print edition at home. How do I remedy this?

9. I purchased Doon School memorabilia at the General Store on the website, but have not heard from them regarding my order. What should I do?

10. When people search for my details on 'Find a Dosco' a variety of details about me can be viewed. I'd like to keep some of that information private. How do I do so?

11. I would like to make a donation to the Society, but for a specific cause. How do I do so?

12.Why do some web pages do not display text in Safari Browser?