Notice of Special General Body Meeting of The Doon School Old Boys' Society

Dear Dosco,

A Special General Body Meeting of The Doon School Old Boys’ Society has been called on Thursday, May 23, at 6.00PM, at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Kamladevi Complex, India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi 110003.

This meeting has been called to approve suggested amendments to the Rules of the Society, in particular, the Rules regarding the selection/election process for Vice President & Executive Committee Members, as per the mandate given to the Executive Committee by the General House at the 79th Annual General Meeting of the Society, held on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at The Doon School.

Soon after the AGM the President constituted a Committee to address the matter. The empowered Rules Sub-Committee, convened by Mr. Kishore Lahiri (Senior Advocate & member of the Collegium), has suggested changes that needed to be made to the existing Memorandum and Rules of the Society. The following Doscos were members of this Sub-Committee:

1. Mr. Rahul Kohli - President
2. Mr. Tarun Sawhney – Vice President
3. Mr. Sanjiv Sapra – Hony. Treasurer
4. Mr. Kishore Lahiri – Member of Collegium & Convenor
5. Mr. Lalit Nirula – Member of Collegium
6. Mr. Chadravijay Singh – Executive Committee
7. Mr. Gautam Thadani – Executive Committee
8. Mr. Vivek Seth
9. Mr. Gurmeet Singh
10. Mr. Sameer Dhingra – Executive Committee
11. Mr. Vibhas Prasad – Executive Committee
12. Mr. Vipul Swarup – Executive Committee
13. Mr. Ashutosh Goyal – Alumni Secretary

The Sub-Committee submitted its Report to the Executive Committee, on 3rd April 2019, with its suggestions for changes in the existing Memorandum & Rules of the Society,.

The Executive Committee deliberated on the Report submitted by the Rules Sub-Committee at its 196th Meeting, held on 4th April, 2019 and unanimously agreed to the suggested amendments to the existing Memorandum & Rules of the Society, as suggested by the Rules Sub-Committee.

The Agenda items for the Meeting, as per attachment, reflect the suggested changes for approval. The existing Memorandum & Rules of the Society are also attached for your perusal.


Ashutosh Goyal
(Alumni Secretary)
The Doon School Old Boys’ Society
C 574 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024 India
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Ph : +91 24334808, 46032092, 41509019

Agenda for the Special General Body Meeting

Existing Memo and Rules of DSOBS