Plan your visit to The Chandbagh


With heightened security concerns restricting unannounced OB visits to the Chandbagh and the consequent heartburn in the fraternity about Alumni not having access to its hallowed grounds, The DSOBS and School’s Development and Alumni Relations office have now evolved a system that will give OBs access to School and simultaneously School is advised of and able to facilitate their visit. For example, School has a golf cart that can be made available ONLY for the visit of senior citizens or someone physically disabled in your party, provided there is prior intimation, again, if you wish to look up your School Record in the Archives, you will need to tick the box so the archives staff will be expecting you.

While you visit you will have the use of the New OBs Lounge, where you can rest your weary, dusty feet, chat with your friendly Director of Development and Alumni Relations, (if he’s around) get a cup of coffee (even if he isn’t) and a photo-op with the Legendary Scooter of the Legendary “Bond” (Mr. Sheel Vohra to the uninitiated). All you now have to do is “login” to The DSOBS Website and fill out the “Plan your Visit to the Chandbagh” form and you are on your way.

While planning your visit keep in mind School’s visiting hours:

During School Term:
Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm
Saturday from 9am till 1 pm.

During the School Holidays:
Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm.