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permission I would like to change the title from' The Best Football Team' to 'Ashim's Fifteen'. That way his name will automatically find a place. If he has to drop someone, I volunteer, because I was truly surprised to find my name there. Hari Shanker Singh [286 T '58] Thanks for a lovely spread for my father in the Oct. 2013 issue. Truly, you really helped me remember him (and as importantly), to those who knew him at school. I received a few emails and a call regarding the article before I eventually received my copy of the Rosebowl, a week back. The reproductions of my photos of Dad's artwork were spot on! You remained true to my copy without the dreaded editor's redlines or should I say, the dreadedredlines by the editor ... not the same thing! I had in a previous email to you, made suggestions regarding spelling and grammar: "My errors are of omission and not intentionally of commission! I find my grammar and spelling has an American sensibility, and so you may choose to reprint as is or change all the spellings color to colour and so on! If you have time, before taking to print, I would be happy to make those changes." Well, I was quite wrong! I think universally, an author's sensibility should remain true to his/her authentic voice, and attempts to change even spelling alters the dynamic. Also, not fair on your talented and brilliant team to work through this chore, and as it so happens ... some words did squeak through with my original spellings! In short, let OBs' take responsibility for their diction and grammar and let us celebrate (or pillory as needed!), the budding Maugham and Vonnegut amongst the lesser of us! Much will be said about Vip in Malhotra's untimely passing from those who knew him well. I am still in shock. What are the chances that his father, Kr. Prem Lal Malhotra passed away Oct. 2, 2009, and Vip in (in the same month), just 11 days apart and four years later on Oct. 13, 20l3? I never knew Vip in personally before 2009. His father (Kanwar Prem Lal Malhotra), and my father's older brother RK Janaksinhji [92-H'43], were the best of friends, and even shared a famous table In H House that was graced by the likes of Piloo Mody; the only requirement of membership being one of a certain imposing physical stature. As I was planning to be in Dehradun in Oct. 2009 for Founder's and my reunion, I corresponded with Vip in to arrange a meeting for me with his father. I was really looking forward to stories that only Vipin's father could share of both my father and my uncle's life in school. It was not to be unfortunately, and so I first met Vipin at the memorial for his father in Delhi that year in October. We continued to correspond through the run-up to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and even planned for a school party visiting Texas in the summer of20lO. While that did not materialize, we kept in touch. I admired his tenacity and courage to challenge bureaucracy and the status-quo at DSOBS. I think we were all changed for the better as a result of our interactions with Vipin. And without question, his love and support for school is well known. Long after his innings as DSOBS President, he could often be found in photos at a variety of sporting events and functions. I wish his family peace and in course of time, the comfort in knowing that he is well remembered. It is with Vipin's passing in mind that I read the obituaries for Khalid Hassan and Arjun Bakshi in the Oct. 2013 issue. While I did not know them, it reminded me of the line from Julius Caesar (that) "The good is oft interred with their bones". It would be wonderful if we heard more about how they (and others who are briefly mentioned in obituaries past and to come), lived their lives. That someone in our fraternity knew them, and so in the telling of their stories .... give them life. Again ... many thanks, and best wishes for a warm winter, R. Vijit Singh [187 H '69] Rose Bowl January 2014143

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