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Letters to the Editor I missed out on sending out my micro resume for the Dosco-doctors; MBBS/MD. Worked in England, Scotland and now settled in Michigan /USA. Practicing Hospital Medicine. Rajat Prakash (RP) [893 HB '82] I received the August, 2013 issue of The Rose Bowl in the Td week of October and consequently could read the article on Dosco Doctors way after most others had .... and after the spate of intra-class mails this article had stirred up. The following is the correct list; there were 11 medicos from the Class of '70: Dr. Ajaypal Singh Sandhu (75 H '70) Psychiatrist, Chandigarh Dr. Amit Gupta (6 J '70) HOD, Nephrology, SGPl, Lucknow Dr. Anup Singh Sidhu (8 K '70) Psychiatrist, Sheridan, WY, USA Dr. Asutosh Misra (416 J '70) Surgeon; retired from AMC Dr. Avinash Bishnoi (215 H '70) Orthodontist - Private practice Dr. Deepak Kripalani (188 J '70) MBBS, Grant Medical College, Mumbai Dr. Hemant Sharma (376 H '70) Orthopaedic Surgeon, New Delhi The late Dr. Manmohan Khosla (304 J '70) Paediatrician, USA Dr. Manu Nanda (291 K '70) MD, General Surgery, St. Petersburg, FL, USA Dr. Pravin Anand (212 H '70) Neurologist, UK The late Dr. Sanjay Goil (383 H '70) Anaesthetist, AMC 421 Rose Bowl January 2014 This, as you are aware is only one of the several highs the Class of '70 has achieved and while we certainly are proud at probably having set a record ... in good old DOSCO spirit, we'd love to see future Batches excel even more and top that. I would appreciate if this correction is published in one of the upcoming issues Season's Greetings to you, your family and the entire fraternity Vikram Kalia [422 H '70] Class Rep I have read with interest the articles and letters regarding girls of and in "The Doon School. However there is one girl totally missed - Nila Matkar (sister ofIndrajit Matkar [120 T '55]. She was a guest of Mr. Khastagir (Art Master) and Mr. Martyn requsted her to join in various school activities including a leading role in "The Lady's not for burning" with Ambika Nair and Vimal Bhagat. She was perhaps the most attractive girl to grace the School grounds and the senior boys suddenly found themselves looking much smarter (and perhaps more handsome!) as Kamal Bhagat, Sati Puri and their batch mates would confirm! ! ! Narinder Kandhari, [121-J-'55] Thanks to The Indian Postal Service, I did not get the Jan. '13 issue of The Rose Bowl. I went on line to read Ashim's 'The Best Football Team'. Like Shyama Prasad Mukherjee I was intrigued to find the most talented players name missing. But knowing Ashim, how could he put his own name there? Modesty thy name is Ashim. Permit me to say that he was definitely the 'footballer of the decade', and to quote Shyama his 'lethal left foot' was poetry in motion. However, Shyama missed out one thing. If I'm not mistaken, Ashim was the only' C Former' to have been selected to play for the School Football XI. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't remember anyone having achieved that feat. The picture of' the little fellow' gliding past giants down the left flank and often finding his centers going a begging, is so vivid in my memory as if it was just yesterday. With Ashim's

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