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* Vikram Chandra [280 HB '83] is the Executive Director and CEO of the NDTV group. * After 13 years with NDTV and 5 years with Strategic Communications, Shivraj Parshad [356 HA'92] has launched his own consultancy - Brevis LLP. Brevis is a capacity building firm that looks at training, content and advisory services to help leaders and organisations strategically grow. Shivraj can be contacted at * The first ever India - Japan Tourism Expo was organised by AVENUES, a public affairs and communication firm led by Aseem Tewari [520-KB '76] at The Oberoi, Gurgaon NCR, in partnership with Japan's tourism ministry, officially known as the Japan Tourism Agency UTA). Inaugurated by the JTA Commissioner, Mr Shigeto Kubo, the Expo was held as a Public Private Forum (PPF) initiative between the JTA and AVENUES. Some of the other distinguished speakers on the occasion were, the President of Japan National Tourism Organisation, Mr Ryoichi Matsuyama, the Global President of the Japan Travel Bureau, Mr Hiromi Tagawa, and H.E. Ambassador of Japan to India, Mr. Takeshi Yagi. Marriages * Our heartiest congratulations to Viraj Puri [334 K '99], son ofPreeti and Ratindra K Puri [334 K '64], on his marriage to Ingrid. * Our heartiest congratulations to Karan [7 H '02], son of Sangeeta and Tilak Badhwar [178 H '66], with Nirali Vora on November 10, 20l3. * Our heartiest congratulations to Umed [111 T '97] son oflate Harsimran and Haripal Singh Gill [328 H '66] and brother ofPrithvi Gill [665 TB '95], with Douce in November 20l3. * Our congratulations to Simon Talukdar[302 K '04], son of Anil Talukdar [384 K '70] on his marriage on December 28, 20l3. Anil is the son of Mrs Mary Talukdar who was working in the school hospital from 1964 to 1971. * Our congratulations to Dr. Milind Misra [376 HA '92] on his marriage to Dr Artika on Monday December 23, 2013 in Minneapolis. Milind is the brother of Tanmaya Misra [647 HA '88]. * Vijnesh Mathew [521 HB '01], son ofIndhu Mathew [321 HB '71] and KU Mathew (both ex teachers of Doon), got married to Angie Yeller on 21 st September 20l3. Our congratulations. * Congratulations to Areema and Arvind Bhagat [637 KB '88] who were blessed with a son, Armaan, on 12th March 2013 in New Delhi. He is a grandson to Nina and B. N. Bhagat [143-H '41]. * Congratulations to Pallavi and Raghav Nayar [443 TB '93], son of Harish Nayar [287 T '64], on the birth of a daughter. Births * Congratulations to Varun Soni [335 J 99] on the birth of a son, Zavi, on 30'h June. The proud grandfatherVijay Soni [153 J '60] informs us that Zavi has been registered at Doon! * Congratulations to Arush Sogani [600-HA '00] and Disha Chopra who have been blessed with a son. They have named him Amer. * Ruchika and Ankur Joshi [281 H '04] have been blessed with a daughter. Our congratulations. * Ruhani and Nishchay Miterr [277 H '04] have been blessed with a son. Our congratulations. * On Dec rr 2012, Divya and Pankaj Sardana [149 TA '96] were blessed with a daughter, sister to 3 yr old Uday Pratap, who they have named Amaira. Hearty congratulations. Obituaries * We are deeply saddened to report that Kanwar Vipin Malhotra [157 H '76] passed away on October l3, 2013. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Vijaya, son SaiArman [157 H '09], daughter Sehar and all other family members. * We are deeply sorry to report the passing away of Amarjit Singh Puri [51 H '53] on Monday November 25,2013. Our heartfelt condolences to his son Bikramjit Puri [438 HA '86] and all the other members of his family. * We are saddened to report the passing away of Zorawar (Jojo) Singh [288 JB '72] on November 17, 20l3. Our heartfelt condolences to his brother Sumer [299 J '68] and all family members. Rose Bowl January 2014103

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