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THE DOON SCHOOL OLD BOYS' SOCIETYNOTICE AND TIMETABLES OF THE ELECTION PROCESS OF THE VICE PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Ladies & Gentlemen, First and Foremost, let me wish you all a very Happy 20 14. You are aware that I will complete my term as President of your Society on conclusion of this year's Annual General Meeting on October 19,2014. As per the Rules of the Society, the present Vice President, Ratanjit P N Singh will assume the office of President of your society on that day. Consequently there will be a vacancy for the post of Vice President which will be required to be filled in at the AGM on October 19,2014. Also one vacancy will arise in the DSOBS Executive Committee which will be required to be filled in at the AGM to be held on October 19, 2014. All this requires my setting in motion the election process as set out in Rules 5 and 6 of the DSOBS Rules. These are available at the Secretariat. Should anyone wish to obtain copies, please contact Mr Sheel Sharma and he will give you a copy. For convenience, I have set out the timetables for selection of Vice President and selection of Executive Committee Member as prescribed by Rules 5 and 6 which I am required to issue by the end of January and end February 20 14. I have issued them in advance to give more time to prospective applicants to submit their applications. Yours sincerely, MoinA Qureshi President-DSOBS TIME TABLE FOR SELECTION OF VICE PRESIDENT AND CONSTITUTION OF SELECTION COMMITTEE UNDER RULE 5 OF THE DSOBS RULES Sl. Description Deadline Rule Process of election ofVP to be initiated by issuance of notice of vacancy to be 1 posted on Society's website or sent by email or other means of communication January 31 5(2)(a) and published in Rosebowl Notice inviting volunteers for membership to the Selection Committee to be 2 posted on Society's website, sent by email or other means of communication February 28 5(2)(h) and published in Rosebowl 3 Applications from prospective Vice Presidential candidates in conformity with June 30 5(2)(e) Rule 5(2)(b), (c) & (d) to be submitted by 4 Names of volunteers to be received and placed in a sealed box. June 30 5(2)(h) President to convene an EC meeting and draw five names from sealed box 5 containing names of volunteers to Committee. This meeting can be attended by Before August 15 5(2)(h) any member of the DSOBS who wishes to attend. 6 Selection Committee to be constituted by the President August 15 5(2)(g) 7 Selection Committee to recommend one name for the Vice Presidential post to September 15 5 (2)(k) the Executive Committee Name recommended by Selection Committee to be considered by the EC at a i.e. by September 29 8 meeting to be convened within two weeks of (earlier August 31) September 15 and in any event 5(2)(1) before October 5 Rose Bowl January 2014139

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