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the applications and deliberate thereupon with the objective of arriving at a consensus to recommend one name for the Executive Committee to place before the House for approval at the Annual General meeting. In this process the Executive Committee, the Committee constituted by me and I shall follow the procedure postulated by Rules 5(2)(h) to (1). Accordingly, I hereby invite nominations from the DSOBS fraternity for the post of Vice President. Nominations should be sent in confidence by the candidates addressed to the President (me) to be received by or before June 30, 2014. Such applications can be delivered (receipt to be obtained) or mailed to: THE PRESIDENT THE DOON SCHOOL OLD BOYS' SOCIETY D-318, LOWER GROUND FLOOR DEFENCE COLONY, NEW DELHI-110024 Kindly super-scribe "Nomination for Vice President" on the envelope Alternately, you may send the nominations via e-mail together with all attachments directly to the President(me) at Thanking you Yours sincerely Moin A Qureshi President The Doon School Old Boys' Society NOTICE UNDER RULE 6 OF THE DSOBS RULES INVITING APPLICATIONS FROM PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS FOR THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE DOON SCHOOL OLD BOYS' SOCIETY January 1,2014 Dear Members, This year, a vacancy will arise in the DSOBS Executive Committee in Group-C in the age group of 30-39 years which has to be filled in at the AGM to be held on October 19,2014. The details ofthe vacancy are:- Sl. No. Group Age in years Vacancy 1. C 30-39years One (1) As per the Rules of the Society, the process of selection of an Executive Committee Member is to be initiated by the President by or before January 31, 2014 and notices of such vacancies are to be posted on the Society's website, sent out bye-mail or other means of communication and also published in the appropriate issue ofthe Rosebowl. Hence, this notice. The current procedure postulates that all those individuals from amongst the DSOBS who wish to offer their candidature for being a member of the Executive Committee shall confidentially send their applications to the President of the DSOBS through any member of the DSOBS as a proposer and two other members of the DSOBS as seconders. The proposer and the seconders must be from the same age band (but not the same batch) as the candidate. The five age bands are 29 years and below, 30 to 39 years, 40 to 49 years, 50 to 59 years and 60 years and above. In the context of the current vacancy, the proposer and seconder must be from the age band of 30 to 39 years but must not be from the same batch as the candidate. No other recommendation in favour of a prospective candidate apart from the one sent by/through the proposer and seconders referred to above shall be either considered or given any weightage. The proposer or seconders cannot nominate or recommend the name of any other candidate that year. The proposer and the seconders alongwith their recommendations should also briefly state as to why the candidate they are recommending should be a member ofthe Executive Committee. The applications should be accompanied by the following: Rose Bowl January 2014135

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