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NOTICE UNDER RULE 5 OF THE DSOBS RULES INVITING APPLICATIONS/ NOMINATIONS FOR THE POST OF VICE PRESIDENT OF THE DOON SCHOOL OLD BOYS' SOCIETY January 1,2014 Dear Members, Let me begin by wishing you and yours a very happy 2014. This year is also very special to all of us since it marks the 75'h year of our Society since inception. I hope to see you all in large numbers in Dehra Dun during the 75'h year celebrations of our Society and Founder's 2014 between October 17 & 19,2014. Now to matters at hand. You are aware that I will complete my term as the President of your Society on conclusion of this year's Annual General Meeting on October 19, 2014. As per the Rules of the Society, the present Vice- President, Ratanjit P.N. Singh, will assume the office of President of your Society on that day. Consequently, there will be a vacancy for the position of Vice President. This notice is to seek nominations from those interested in serving the Society in that position. As prescribed by the present Rules, the process for the election of the Vice President is to be initiated by January 31 of the year in which the vacancy is to arise. Notice of the vacancy is to be posted on Society's website, sent bye-mail or other means of communication and also published in the appropriate issue of the Rosebowl. Hence, this notice. The current procedure postulates all those individuals from amongst the DSOBS who wish to offer their candidature for the post of Vice President to confidentially send their applications to the President of the DSOBS through any member of the DSOBS as a proposer and two other members ofthe DSOBS (from different age bands) as seconders. The proposer and the seconders shall be from each of the three age bands prescribed for this purpose, namely, 39 years and below, 40 to 49 years, 50 years and above. While forwarding the application of a prospective candidate, the proposer and the seconders shall briefly state as to why they feel that the candidate they recommend should be the Vice President of the Society. No other recommendation in favour of a prospective candidate apart from the one sent by/through the proposer and two seconders referred to above shall either be considered or given any weightage. The proposer and seconders of one candidate cannot nominate or recommend the name of any other candidate that year. 341 Rose Bowl January 2014 The applications shall be accompanied by the following:- (i). A brief Curriculum Vitae of the candidate. (ii). The candidate's contributions to the Doon School and the Doon School Old Boys' Society in the past. (iii). The candidate's strengths and the areas in which he expects to contribute to the Doon School and the Doon School Old Boys' Society in particular and the society at large in general. (iv). The candidate's Vision Statement for four years and beyond. (v). The Batch or Class to which the candidate belongs. The following key elements will need to be borne in mind by an individual interested in becoming the Vice President: i) He/she should have commitment to the objectives of the Society, ii) He/she should be able to devote time to its functions, iii) He/she should have a good standing in Society, iv) He/she should have reached a certain level of achievement in his profession, v) Membership of the Executive Committee of the Society would be desirable, though not mandatory, and vi) He/she should be able to travel outside New Delhi to meet OBs and carry out the work of the society in a suitable manner. However, inability to travel outside New Delhi [in the context of Rule 5(2)(d)(vi) i.e. point vi) above] shall not be considered as reason to debar an interested individual so long as between the President and Vice President, at least one of them is able to represent the Society outside New Delhi, as needed. The Vice President will serve a two year term and will subsequently assume the position of President for two years. All applications in conformity with the above and the provisions of Rule 5(b), (c) & (d) shall be submitted on or before June 30, 2014. No application received after June 30, 2014 shall be entertained or considered. Once the nominations for the post of Vice President are received, I shall constitute a Committee to examine

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