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Dr SC Biala Nehru Mountaineering Journal, Volume II, 1996 A HIMALAYAN TRI DESCENT After hearing an encouraging and inspiring talk by Col. Prem Chand at Manali, the expedition was on the way to Sarchu,[ 14000 ft] on July7, 1993. Every individual was full of enthusiasm, because the river was rated as one of the simplest rivers ever to be run. The mighty Rohtang-pass (3974M) was under heavy clouds, but immediately after that, not only clouds but greenery also disappeared and we were amidst the cold desert. Second narrow gorge of almost a kilometer followed by a grade 4 rapid with pour over Around 1200 hours on 8th July, we were very close to Bara Lachha Pass and the unnamed points close by. From this pass one can see river Chandra flowing towards south, river Bhaga towards west and river Tsarp towards north. We had to concentrate on Tsarp river because that was going to be our closest associate and savior. The Trans Himalayan Expedition under the expert guidance of Col Prem Chand had already established their camp almost 20-25 kms after Bara-lachha pass. So we were lucky to find Col Prem playing a fine host. Another great adventurer, Capt. Alok Chandola, had to go back the next day to Delhi, so it was decided to recce the river and select a suitable put in point. At Sarchu, river Lingti-chu joins Tsarp which is a little before Brandinala. We were happy to find a wonderful put in point, which was Himank workshop, Brandinala. 28l Rose Bowl January 2014 Unlike previous years, on 10th and 11th July, there had been showers disrupting road traffic and as a result a big crowd got struck at the transit camp at Brandinala and Sarchu, because Bara Lachha pass was closed. But we were lucky to find Mr. MK Gupta(Magistrate J &K High Court, Srinagar) waiting at our put in point. He flagged off the expedition on 12th July at 1150 hours wishing us a safe journey. "Considering the topography of this area," said our expert, "it's going to be ajoy ride." It was really ajoy ride with no rapid of even grade II till l3.55 hrs when suddenly there was a signal and a big shout from Partho, our kayaker, "Eddy out." The first narrow gorge wasn't very long which we managed without much of a problem, but immediately after the gorge was a turn to the north and first rapid of grade III. A second long narrow gorge with much faster current was encountered the next day which must have been almost an hour after the first. This gorge must have been almost a kilometer long and it was so sudden that it hardly gave us any time to prepare for it mentally. After the gorge, was our first grade IV rapid with pour over and holes around. We were surprised to find white water throughout and some more gorges. Here came Sutak, the first village on the right side of the river which had some wonderful green fields. It became very difficult to move ahead without proper recce, because there was a clear revolt amongst the members who had never expected such a bad patch as today. So it was decided to inspect the river first till the next camp and then move ahead. Raft jammed in a narrow gorge

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