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From its small beginnings Cheshire Homes, (renamed 'Leonard Cheshire Disability' (LCD)) has grown into a large international Organisation with Cheshire Homes and Services in 55 countries. It is working with the UN and World Bank for the cause of people with disability. In India, Cheshire Homes have been expanding their activities to serve a larger number of people with disability---- through community based rehabilitation, livelihood training and employment, inclusive education and advocacy programs to sensitise the Government and the public at large. Every year we train and facilitate employment of around 1500 disabled persons many of whom have become professionals in the corporate world. Today, the Cheshire Services in India reach out to around 20,000 persons with disabilities directly. There are many NGOs working for the cause of disability, but the scenario is formidable as approx 8 to 10 % of our population are people with disability, the majority of whom are amongst the poor and in rural India. Ms. Ashwini is placed in IBM Ms. Bhuvaneshwari came as a child of 5 years to Cheshire and is now Asst. Manager in IBM Advocacy Programme India is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of persons with Disability. 261 Rose Bowl January 2014 Cheshire Homes India is actively promoting the passage of the Disability Bill (2012) by advocacy programs at the highest political and administrative level. One of our young colleagues, Ashwini Angadi, a severely visually impaired girl, working on the advocacy program, received the Youth Courage Award for Education award at the special UN session on the occasion of Malala Day at the UN head quarters in New York on 12'h July 2013. As a result of the international awareness on the rights of people with disability, the Government of India has provided reservation for 3% of vacancies in government for people with disability. Now in addition the 2013 Budget requires all large Corporations to spend 2% of their profit on Community Based Rehabilitation programs (CBR). On the anvil is a new draft bill on the Rights of People with Disability (RPDB) 2012 which is expected to be placed in Parliament shortly. Appeal for Cheshire Homes India Cheshire Homes in India are non profit organizations supported largely by individual donations and volunteers. They have all the required approvals: Society registration certificate, FCRA approval, Income tax 12-A certificate, 80 G form, PAN card, etc. Some ofthe Homes are in difficulties and need financial support. Any donation is welcome and we shall provide the 80G tax certificate. We look forward to contribution from individuals and request companies to include us in their CBR programs. These funds shall be used for all the 23 Cheshire Homes in India. The cheques and bank drafts should be made in the name of "Cheshire Homes India" should be payable in Bangalore and sent at the following address: The Manager Cheshire Homes India 34, 6th Main, HAL 2nd Stage Extn Old Airport Road, Kodihalli Behind Leela Palace, Bangalore 560008 Telephone: 0091 80 25275332 [Rana M. Philip is the Chairman of Cheshire Homes India National Council, the apex body of the 24 Cheshire Homes and Services in India .... Ed]

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