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Games Blazer together just like their father had been 30 years ago, was indeed a very special moment. From Sharan becoming House Captain, to the brothers playing a major role in Jaipur House winning the Grand Slam for the first time ever, and finally to Shivaan also becoming House Captain, the years have been marked with many reasons for celebration. As Founder's Day 2013 approaches, and we prepare for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Jaipur House, J know this is the beginning of the end of an important phase of the journey- that of a Dosco mom. No more will there be anxiously awaited outings; nor the packing of the boys' favourite cupcakes and home-cooked foods; no more the tight hugs and "J love you"s said outside Chakrata Gate; and no more engaging conversations with teachers about the uniqueness of a Doon School education. But there is much that we have all partaken by way of cherished memories, and that fortunately abides. Thank you, Doon School, for providing my sons with an experience that they will treasure forever. After all, life is a series of experiences. But the intensity and depth of experience that Doon gives to every boy, is what sets a Dosco apart. Being a mother, J shall forever remain indebted to the School not only for the quality education it has offered, but also for the nurturing environment that has steered the lives of my sons in the right direction and moulded their personalities to make them into confident yet humble individuals. Thank you, Jaipur House, for housing my sons physically, and more importantly, for housing their dreams and being the springboard of their accomplishments. As the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is" and J can be sure that a piece of Sharon's and Shitaan's hearts will be in Jaipur House forever! Cheshire Homes India Rana M. Philip (291 J '53) Cheshire Homes evokes memories for many of us Doscos as our Head master John Martyn and others were involved with Cheshire homes, Dehradun. I quote an extract of a letter written to the Dehradun Home by our late Prime Minister Pandit Nehru on 22nd July 1958: (fA few years ago Group Captain Cheshire came to see me in Delhi. I had heard of him previously, of all the fine work he had done for the relief of the suffering. The Cheshire Homes have set an example of unostentatious but effective work for the relief of suffering without much fuss or expenses. They are a remarkable example of what can be done by earnestness and enthusiasm. I would like to express my admiration for the work he is doing and more especially the spirit in which this is being undertaken. He deserves every help." Cheshire Homes, a unique institution, has its genesis in the aftermath of the human tragedy caused by World War II. Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, a highly decorated air force pilot, was an observer at the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki in 1946 after which he decided to devote his life to set up homes for the disabled and other victims of the war. The first homes he set up outside UK were in India starting with Bombay in 1955 which was followed by a series of Homes across India. Today there are 23 Cheshire Homes in India. Each Home is independent, serving the cause of the disabled, the terminally ill and the elderly and is linked to the Leonard Cheshire Disability(LCD), an international organization, through Cheshire Homes India, National Council. Rose Bowl January 2014125

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