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Obituary Kanwar Vipin Malhotra [157 H '76 ] (28/1/60 - 13/1 0/13) Kanwar Vipin Malhotra sadly left us on Sunday 13th October 2013 and it was that very day when I realised losing a best friend is one of the most painful experiences that one must endure in one's life. I met Vipin in 1967 when we both joined Welham Prepatory School and since that very day we have spent endless moments together through which Vipin almost became the brother which I never had. Among my best memories with him is when he always made a point to stay with me in London during his overseas trips. One thing which will always remain alive in my mind is Vipin's extraordinary request for a winter barbecue as opposed to a summer one! Throughout the years, our friendship excelled and we became closer and closer to each other. Our years at Doon School together were unforgettable and I will ensure I cherish all the times we have spent together for life. Over time, Vipin became a prominent part of my life and we even reached the extent of calling each other on an hourly basis! As many of you would agree, Vipin had a very cheerful and outgoing personality which was admired by everyone. He was an incredible friend, husband and father of two children. My only comfort now is knowing that he is in a better place; up there he will be wherever I go until we meet and laugh again like we used to. Suveen Kapoor [355 J '76] ViPin, a friend in more ways than one can express, was known to me before we joined School as our parents and grandparents were close friends. Over the past 53 years of my life, of which 41 years have the School associated as well, I have not met anyone who said anything negative about "Fatty" - be it a Dosco, Gymkhana Club member or any other. This was the endearing quality that was so much a part of his life. This was so apparent at the Kriya ceremony - there were people present aged from 80+ to 20+ years - relatives, friends, business associates and others. 161 Rose Bowl January 2014 "Fatty" was rock solid in every which way - in front of the stumps while batting, playing golf, organizing meetings for the School fraternity, creating value contacts in business to name some. This made him a dependable soul for those who came in touch with him. Always willing to listen to people and help / assist / be a part of their lives. A person of commitment, "Fatty" always tried to keep his word - not just empty promises or loose talk, offering his broad (not only physically) shoulders for them to lean on. This facet led him to parts of the World to meet batch mates, school mates, business partners and others with no care for the physical tiredness. At all our batch get togethers, the first person asked for was "Fatty". In the recent past, his absence due to his health, caused great concern forcing the mates to enquire about him more regularly and frequently. I think I can safely speak for all - we shall miss you my friend. Jaspreet Singh (285 T '76) I have known Vipin since 1967 from Welham Boys and till the day we left Doon in end 1976, we were somehow in the same room each day of these 10 years. We were in touch on more than a regular basis since school, which is now 36 years. What can I say about our "VIPI"? I had to be fortunate, as I was, to know him so close. A man with the personality of a king and a heart of gold, I never heard him say anything bad about anyone ever. Everyone who even briefly came into his life will miss him but much more will his family, close friends and myself. I am sure there are a few more people like VIP I in this world but you cannot find them. They just come to you and then just go away .... Nakul Bubna [416 HB '76] ViPin was a BIG MAN, pun intended. About a year ago, I told him that he seemed the only one in our batch, who still had black hair, while most others were

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